We are privileged to call on the following growing list of inspirational tutors: Click on the links for further information!

Lynton Atkinson – Tenor Info

Nick Salwey – Accompanist Info

Alison Wells – Mezzo Info

James Ottaway – Bass Info

Jane Highfield – Soprano Info

Teresa Shaw – Mezzo Info

Hugh Hetherington – Tenor Info

Joy Robinson – Mezzo Info

Kit Hobkirk – Tenor Info

Nicola-Jane Kemp – Soprano Info or The Language of Song

Paul Chilvers – Coach & Accompanist Info

Janet Haney – Coach & Accompanist Info

Peter Knapp – Baritone Info

Additionally masterclasses have been given by distinguished guests Diana Montague, David Rendall, Claire Rutter, Stephen Gadd, Martin Bruns and Jon Andrew.