“Simply the best organised course I’ve ever been on – and as an ex-teacher I’ve been on a fair few! Always involved, always active and relating to other singers. A lovely supportive atmosphere…. I’ll definitely have my name down for the next course” Anne Ponting; Mezzo

“It really was a fantastic weekend; I’m beyond glad that I did it and truly it is a brilliant course. Every tutor had something different to add and what a chance to work with them all. You are a great team and thank you for encouraging us all so much.
Also I’m very grateful for the opportunity to sing this afternoon- it is one I won’t forget and what am inspiration Simon is.” Sophie Gallagher; Soprano (Undergraduate RCM)

“I think you have created a winning combination. As a first-timer I felt welcomed and encouraged -to risk and just keep going to improve. It was wonderful to be able to listen to some glorious voices. Such a treat to see the next generation forging ahead.It was amazing to hear Simon and how perceptive and expertly he lead the master class. I can well understand why it has been a long standing wish to have him teach. I look forward to being able to attend another course and in the meantime will crack on with using what I have learnt. Thank you.” Heather Daniel; Soprano

“And a big thank you to you for a terrific weekend. It was the first time I had come and I really enjoyed myself.You have found such a creative way to organise so many people so that everyone has the opportunity to sing often and with different tutors.The quality of teaching was excellent and I shall come again for sure.” Jan Wiener: Mezzo

“I just had to write and say thank you for the excellent course. I smiled all the way home!
I have experienced numerous singing courses since I first discovered their existence over 30 years ago. I love attending them . I go for a variety of reasons: for the tuition, to discover new repertoire, to learn from observing the tuition of others, for the privilege of being tutored by acknowledged specialists in various genre, for the sheer pleasure of spending time with like minded people.
Yours was without doubt the best course I have ever attended.” Christine Peet; Soprano

“…what I am sure is the best course being run in the country; without a doubt the best I have ever been on… I just loved every part of it – the tutors were fantastic and really supportive, a lovely group of singers, wonderful facilities in which to sing……. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know about your next course” Alicia Kysow; Soprano

“A great deal of thought and planning goes into your courses and at a level most people probably don’t realise. Congratulations on such a great success! and for producing a happy supportive and nurturing environment. We are a pretty neurotic bunch as singers and you perform miracles in not only keeping our momentum going but creating an atmosphere where we honestly encourage each other.” Hilary Sharland: Mezzo

“THANK YOU, so very very much. I floated back to Salisbury last night, unable quite to grasp that I had taken part in such a rich and glorious weekend. Such distinguished tutor expertise so generously given; such fantastic organisation in all depts; such a tremendous mix of participants. But it was that unique Atkinson input from you, Joy and your wonderful family that worked the magic. In other less sensitive hands the atmosphere could have been very different… It’s a great feat you pull off. And of course the presence of royalty made it extra special. Simon was…what can I say? Brilliant. So very very impressive, and not just musically but in the way he approached each individual, weighing them up in a nano second and adopting the most appropriate tack for each. To coin a phrase, he really is all star and no diva.” Rosie Clay: Soprano

“Each time I attend one of the WSSC courses, I leave full of energy and excitement. It is perhaps human to feel some trepidation at attending a course such as the WSSC, but in no time at all I have found myself to be a part of the extended singing family that Lynton creates there. I would recommend it without hesitation to all who would like to improve their singing.” Andy Armistead; Bass (Trinity Laban Postgraduate)

“Lynton has gathered together a fantastic group of vocal coaches who bring out the very best in the participants in a supportive and friendly learning environment. Their constant encouragement and clear advice has let me discover the true capabilities of my voice, and I’ve surprised even myself! Without these courses I would never have achieved a distinction in my singing diploma. Thank you Lynton!! I look forward to attending many more WSSC courses!” David Reece; Baritone – Winchester

Thank you so much for organising such an inspirational weekend. What a lovely bunch of people you gather around you. It was thrilling to hear beautiful sounds from singers and pianists – wow, listening to the piano-playing I was enraptured! Nicola Burley, New Forest

Hello Lynton. Many thanks for yet another great weekend of singing. These courses are simply the best around! Yes please can you put my name down for the forthcoming Easter course in April for both days? Sue Grove – Southampton